• デジタルマーケティング関連事業

    Turning your data into profit is our mission.

    We sell e-book production software, CMS (content management system) and other Web applications, as well as offer Web-related contract-based production and development, web traffic consulting, and other services. We optimize your dormant data through IT to increase your sales and reduce costs, offering support to reap profits and giving you the ability to turn data into profit.

  • ITインフラ関連事業

    Let us be your information system department.

    We offer solutions, which close the gap between evolution of network infrastructure and the IT personnel’s skills, to medium-sized corporate customers, whose information system departments are facing increased burden.
    With IT services becoming commonplace, we offer a swift one-stop service for small-sized corporate customers, who find it challenging to choose the right IT devices.

  • CVCCorporate Venture Capital

    We provide funding and other management resources to support the growth of innovative IT start-ups, both in Japan and overseas.