Basic Policy on Information Security

Basic Policy on Information Security

As a business of total office solutions, from an IT environment to facilities, Startia, Inc. (including the related companies, further indicated as “the company”) strongly recognizes the importance of information security protection. To protect the company’s information assets from every threat and have an appropriate safety management, the company decided on an information security basic policy and is putting efforts in continuous information security measures.

  • 1.Set-up of an Information Security Management System

    In adherence to the laws and ordinances concerning information security, the company has set up a management system on which the public can rely.

  • 2.Appointing Information Security Supervisors

    The company has appointed information security supervisors and set up an information security system around them. Thanks to this sytem they can accurately grasp the information security circumstances of the whole company, and proactively and promptly take the necessary measures.

  • 3.Internal Regulations regarding Information Security

    The company keeps up with a variety of information security regulations regarding information assets. While holding on to a precise policy for the general treatment of information, the company has a strict attitude against information leakage.

  • 4.Protection of Information Assets

    To guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets, the company performs risk assessment, and protects relevant information assets through the information security management system.

  • 5.Information Security Training

    The company provides the necessary training to make sure that the directors and the employees sufficiently recognize the importance of information security.

  • 6.Responding to Security Incidents

    If an information security problem should arise, the company will respond promptly to limit the damage to a minimum. The company will also take the appropriate measures, including recurrence prevention.

  • 7.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    The company adheres to the Telecommunications Business Law, the Personal Information Protection Law, and other laws, regulations and guidelines regarding information security.

  • 8.Revision and Improvement

    The company periodically evaluates this information security policy, various related regulations and the management system, and will make revisions and improvements of the information security when necessary.

    Last Modified:2014/11/17

    Startia, Inc.
    President, Representative Director and CEO
    Hideyuki Hongo

    ※ Because the company is constantly improving its information security measures and stays in line with the latest laws and other criteria, it sometimes revises the privacy policy published on its home page. Therefore please confirm the company’s policy on a regular basis.

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