The Philosophy of Startia, Inc.

Become a leading company in identifying the needs of society and markets, creating the future for people and companies, and producing outstanding businesses and people. Even outstanding technologies and knowledge are meaningless unless people know about them. The mission of Startia is to create “the new businesses” by linking valuable information with the needs of companies.
Hideyuki Hongo
「We aim to be the No. 1 IT service in Asia」

At Startia, we are now in the final year of our 3-Year Medium-Term Plan, and are working to achieve our targets at the end of this fiscal year. Our operating performance for the first six months of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014, has put us in a very good position to achieve our goals for the fiscal second half.
One positive development is the fact that one-time earnings increased versus the prior period in all of our businesses. At the same time, the steady earnings we have accumulated over the years as a continually growing company contributed to our results.

At Startia, we emphasize developing employees that our customers will want to work with over the long term. We have regularly held employee training sessions and other events aimed at developing our personnel, so that each and every Startia employee is a competent professional. We are certain that providing this type of environment will lead to an even higher level of service for our customers. Based on this philosophy, one of our big achievements during the fiscal first half was the bolstering of development and training for our 87 freshly graduated new hires. We established a Career Development Department in the Eastern Tokyo Branch, where we increased the business skills of our new employees to allow them to immediately contribute in their respective positions. Unfortunately, as of the end of September one new hire has left the company, but the remaining 86 new hires are showcasing their abilities in their respective departments, and are on their way to becoming the drivers of Startia’s future growth.

In addition, we are proactively expanding our businesses overseas, particularly in ASEAN nations, and we are making steady progress on our business initiatives. Going forward, depending on the progress made at our overseas subsidiaries, including Startia Shanghai Inc., and Xi’an Startiasoft Inc., we will consider investing additional resources to realize future growth.

The company’s paid-in stock options will only be able to be exercised if the audited consolidated statements of income for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014, show total operating income of at least ¥2bn for the two-year period. This measure is synonymous with our commitment to the operating results which we previously committed to. These are measures that we have taken so as to achieve growth over the medium- to long-term span. We will choose the appropriate time to announce our medium- to long-term business plan effective from the fiscal year ending March 2015.

Going forward, everyone at Startia will work as one to advance our businesses based on our mission, which is also our corporate philosophy, which is to be a leading company with a clear view of society’s needs and the market, which creates the future for people and businesses, and produces excellent businesses and personnel.



November 2013
President, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer
Hideyuki Hongo