Message from CEO

Message from Hideyuki Hongo,CEO.

Hideyuki Hongo
「We aim to be the No. 1 IT service in Asia」

It is said that there are four million companies in Japan. Our main customers are small and medium enterprises which share 99.7% of the all companies. We are engaged in business with various IT solutions to increase the productivity of those small and medium enterprises. No matter how excellent skills or ideas are, they are not meaningful unless they are used by people.

We make IT services easy to understand, and deliver them with humanity to small and medium enterprises. If the productivity of such enterprises which consists 99.7% of the whole could increase, the productivity of Japan will surely increase. Based on such an idea, we change Japan and the world in two business fields including IT infrastructure related business which aims for existence under contract to “information system division” of their companies as well as digital marketing business which supports the profitability of information held by companies.

In response to the government’s core policy of “revolution in working ways”, a lot of companies call for improving the working environment of employees. Our company have had various stages in order to ensure that employees can work on a long term and in a stable basis. In addition to curb the long-term working hours and to promote the acquisition of annual paid vacation, as we will celebrate the 22nd anniversary of our foundation, we gave awards for long engagements to our company for employees who had been working for more than 10 years.
We have also established the “Startier Women’s Committee” to create a workplace environment for women to fully realize their individuality and ability where female employees can continue to work without retirement even after life time events. We have also worked on the extension of a childcare leave period and the implementation of child care subsidies for nursery schools. We will continue to make efforts to create our workplace environment where our employees can work easily in a long term.

We are actively promoting the business development overseas mainly in the ASEAN countries. We established a subsidiary company in Shanghai, established a software development company in Xi’an, and also opened a subsidiary company in Taiwan. In 2014, we launched Corporate Venture Capital (CVC). CVC invests in start-up companies trying to innovate the world with their high technical capabilities, and we support them to evolve by utilizing Startier’s management resources such as customer base and IT solution capabilities. This could have great stimulation on ourselves and create new innovation.
The activity area of CVC has expanded not only in Japan but also overseas, especially in Asia.

We will continue to promote our business with all of employees, with the vision that “we will be loved by our customers, contribute to society, aim to become an IT global company that will continue to evolve by ourselves and on a permanent basis.”



March 2017
President, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer
Hideyuki Hongo