Document Management, e-book Production Software

Computerization of catalogs and internal documents for disribution and sharing within and outside the company.

Easy production of e-books from paper catalog data

電子ブック作成ソフト ActiBook

You can make an indefinite number of e-books (catalogs) with indefinite pages and volumes. You can also customize book design freely. You are relieved to know that we provide full support after the introduction of ActiBook.And,“ActiBook HeatMapLog,” an optional service, enables the user to do log analysis intuitionally using a heat map display like a thermography.

You are assured to send the information you want to send

ドキュメント管理ツール ActiBook Docs

The user can easily retrieve necessary materials outside the company,The in-house data sharing is made certain and smooth. The service helps the customer to cut costs for paper media, such as printing of materials for meetings and revisions to catalogs when they are ordered and delivered. The receiver can browse the materials with various formats, such as PDF, video clips, Microsoft Office, and images, on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and all other devices.