Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Strongly recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, Startia, Inc. (herein, “the Company”) has established a Privacy Policy and has continued to implement measures to protect personal information in consideration of the usefulness of personal information and to protect the rights and benefits of individuals.

  • 1. Compliance with Laws, Ordinances, and Principles of Social Order

    The Company complies with all laws, ordinances, as well as other principles of social order and guidelines related to the protection of personal information.

  • 2. The Acquisition of Personal Information and Purpose for Use

    The Company obtains personal information solely for the purpose of using such information, and only obtains information using legal and fair means.Also, the Company does not collect or use personal information beyond the scope of using such personal information without the consent of the individual.

  • 3. Personal Information Provision to Third Parties, Outsourcing and Joint Use

    The Company will not provide personal information to third parties, with the exception of instances stipulated by laws, ordinances or other regulations.There are instances in which the Company will outsource personal information within the scope of the purpose of using such information, or jointly use such information among Group companies.The Group companies that may jointly use such personal information are shown on the Company’s website, etc.

  • 4. Management of Personal Information

    The Company shall strive to keep personal information accurate and up to date, and safely manage such information.To prevent unauthorized access to personal information, as well as the loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of personal information, the Company shall take the necessary and appropriate measures to safely manage personal information.In addition, the Company shall manage all employees and outside parties to which personal information is entrusted as necessary and appropriately.

  • 5. Personal Information Disclosure Requests and Handling of Complaints

    The Company will quickly respond, to a reasonable extent, to requests, complaints and other questions. Such requests may include informing individuals of how personal information will be used, or to disclose, correct, discontinue use or discard personal information, or to refuse the provision of personal information to third parties.

  • 6. Continual Improvements to Management System

    The Company shall put in place internal systems and rules for protecting personal information, and shall continually review and improve these systems and rules through training, operations, audits and other initiatives.

    Last Modified:2015/2/21

    Startia, Inc.
    President, Representative Director and CEO
    Hideyuki Hongo

    In order to continually improve the protection of personal information, and because the policy posted on the Company website is sometime amended in conjunction with changes to laws and ordinances as well as other standards, we ask that you please regularly check the details of the policy.

Concerning the Handling of Personal Information

Based on the Privacy Policy, Startia, Inc. (herein, “the Company”), announces in advance the way in which the Company handles personal information.

  • 1. Collecting Personal Information

    The Company collects personal information as well as corporate information (name of company representative, telephone number, address, etc.) through a variety of means, including inquiries received directly from individuals in writing, by telephone, through inquiry forms on the Company website, as well as by using the telephone book, the Internet, and online telephone book services, as well as various legal information provision services.

  • 2. Purpose for Using Personal Information

    The Company obtains necessary personal information for Startia Group companies’ business activities, and uses such personal information within the scope of the purpose of use.

    1. Businesses for Use

    ①Digital Marketing-related business

    • ・Planning, development and sales of e-book production software, CMS, AR content production service and other Web applications, as well as website production, web traffic consulting, e-book business from planning to sales, outsourced system development and customization.

    ②IT Infrastructure-related business

    • ・Network construction, and sales, rentals and maintenance for network and security-related equipment, as well as provision and operations of cloud services and hosting services.
    • ・Sales, leasing, rentals, installation and repair of business phones and multi-function printers, and intermediary services for telephone networks and smart devices (smartphones, tablets).
    • ・Office property introductions, office planning and design in association with relocations, new office openings and renovations, and sales, leasing, rentals and associated interior design and installation work.
    • ・Sale and Rental of Specially Controlled Medical Devices and Others.

    ③Other Services

    • ・Corporate Venture Capital (CVC).

    2. Purpose for Use of Personal Information about Customers and Clients

    • ・Provision of information related to products and services in each business
    • ・Sales and provision of products and services in each business
    • ・Provision of information related to business partners’ products and services
    • ・Notifications about seminars, exhibitions, and events
    • ・Support for products and services
    • ・Handling inquiries
    • ・Providing membership-based services and product development for membership-based services
    • ・Conducting and analyzing questionnaire surveys
    • ・Fulfilling agreements
    • ・Business negotiations, meetings, contact
    • ・Managing entry/exit into and out of Company facilities

    3. Purpose of Using Personal Information Provided to the Company from Clients as a Part of the Company Carrying out Outsourced Work Operations

    • ・Fulfilling agreements with companies that have outsourced work to the Company

    4. Purpose of Using Personal Information about Shareholders

    • ・Exercising rights and fulfilling obligations pursuant to the Companies Act
    • ・Provision of various assistance
    • ・Implementation of various shareholder measures
    • ・Shareholder management

    5. Purpose of Using Personal Information Related to Applicants for Employment, Employees and Workers, and Former Employees

    ①Applicants for Employment

    • ・Dissemination of hiring-related information to applicants, hiring screening and selection
    • ・The Company’s hiring operations

    ②Employees/Workers and Former Employees

    • ・Personnel labor management, as well as fulfilling all obligations stipulated in other labor, tax and social welfare-related laws and ordinances.

    6. Other

    • ・Purposes for use for which consent has been received from the individual in question
  • 3. Concerning the Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

    In principle, the Company will not provide personal information collected from individuals to third parties, except in cases where it is provided for by laws and ordinances, or unless prior consent from the individual has been received.

  • 4. Outsourcing and Shared Use of Personal Information

    The Company may, in some cases, share personal information collected within the scope of the purpose for using personal information with companies to which it outsources business operations or jointly use such personal information with Startia Group companies. Companies with which such personal information may be used on a shared basis are shown below.

    1. Group Companies that Jointly Use Personal Information

    ①Parent Company

    • ・Startia, Inc.

    ② Consolidated subsidiaries

    • ・Startia Lab, Inc.
    • ・Startia Shanghai Inc.
    • ・NOS Ltd.
    • ・BCMEDIA Co., Ltd.

    ③ Equity method affiliates

    • ・Cross Check Inc.
    • ・MAC Office, Inc.
    • ・Urban Plan, Inc.
    • ・Startiasoft Inc.

    ④ Equity method affiliates

    • ・Xi’an Startiasoft Inc.
  • 5. Personal Information Disclosure Requests and Handling of Complaints

    The Company will quickly respond, to a reasonable extent, to requests, complaints and other questions. Such requests may include informing individuals of how personal information will be used, or to disclose, correct, discontinue use or discard personal information, or to refuse the provision of personal information to third parties.

    1. How to Request Disclosure of Personal Information

    Requests for disclosure of personal information are only accepted via regular mail.
    Please download the “Personal Information Disclosure Request Form,” complete all required fields, and mail the form, along with your personal identification confirmation documentation and fee, to the “Personal Information Contact Center.”
    Personal Information Disclosure Request Form

    2. Personal Identification Documents

    ①Subject of Information (Individual)
    A copy of any of the following documents:

    • ・Driver’s License
    • ・Health insurance card
    • ・Pension booklet
    • ・Passport
    • ・Resident’s Card

    The written power of attorney from the individual for whom the information applies, a copy of the individual’s Resident’s Card, along with a copy of any one of the following personal identification confirmation documents for the representative

    • ・Driver’s License
    • ・Health insurance card
    • ・Pension booklet, etc.
    • ・Passport
    • ・Resident’s Card

    3. Fee and Payment Method

    • ・The fee for disclosure of personal information or notification of the purpose of using personal information is 1,000 yen per request (requestor is responsible for any foreign exchange issuance fees).
    • ・This fee includes simple registered mail rates for mailing information to the requestor.
    • ・The Company will bill the requestor separately for any other out-of-pocket expenses required.
    • ・There is no charge for requests for corrections, additions, deletions or discontinuation of use of personal information.
    • ・The fee shall be paid by postal money order.

    4. Personal Information Contact Center

    • ・Please send requests for disclosure, etc. to the Personal Information Contact Center.
    • ・The Personal Information Contact Center also handles complaints and questions regarding the personal information management system of the company which handles personal information
    • ・Please direct all other inquiries about services provided by the Company to the applicable contact points.
    Where to Direct Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

    Contact: Personal Information Contact Center
    Hours of Operation: Weekdays:9:00~18:00
    Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and other Company holidays
    E-mail:E-mail Form
    We accept inquiries via FAX and E-mail 24 hours a day
    Address: Shinjuku Monolith 19F, Nishi-Shinjuku 2-3-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒163-0919

    Where to Direct other Inquiries

    Contact:Contact for Inquiries

PMS Certification

  • Startia, Startia Lab, and Cross Check have been certified as being compliant with the domestic standard (JIS Q 15001:2006) for Personal Information Management System (PMS).

  • JIS Q 15001 PMS
Organization / Division Name Startia, Inc.
Tokyo Headquarter, Osaka Head Office, Eastern Tokyo Branch, Yokohama Branch, Nagoya Branch, Fukuoka Branch, Kobe Office, Adachi Technical Center, Chiba Office
Startia Lab, Inc.
Tokyo Headquarter, Osaka Branch, Fukuoka Branch, Takizawa R&D Center, studio Safari
Crosscheck, Inc.
Tokyo Headquarter
Certification StandardJIS Q 15001:2006
Certification Registration NumberPIMS 600303
Registration ScopeTotal Office Consulting, from e-books and IT network environments to office facilities
Initial Certification Registration Date2013/12/26
Examining/Registering InstitutionBSI Group Japan K.K.