Caution regarding IR Information

Startia, Inc. IR Policy

Basic Policy

The purpose of this company’s IR activities is to provide prompt, complete and accurate information to its stakeholders, especially all investors and shareholders, in order to cultivate a better understanding and a proper assessment of the company’s value. It is the company’s basic policy to provide information about its management policies, business strategies and financial results in an understandable, impartial and accurate way.

Method of Disclosure of Information

Information corresponding to the Timely Disclosure Regulations, will be made public through the Timely Disclosure of Information Transmission System (TDnet) and through the distribution of materials (press releases) to the media. To make sure that the disclosure of information is timely and impartial, the information that has been made public through TDnet and press releases, will be put on the company’s website right away, and members that registered their e-mail address with the company beforehand, will receive IR-related updates by e-mail. In case of disclosing information that doesn’t correspond to the Timely Disclosure Regulations, the company will do so in an appropriate way in the spirit of the Timely Disclosure Regulations.

Earnings and Other Forecasts

Sometimes forecasts about earnings and other are mentioned in the company’s disclosed information. These forecasts are estimates by the company, based on information available at the time; actual results might be very different due to all kinds of changes in the business climate. Therefore the company cannot garantuee the outcome of these forecasts.

IR Self-Restraint Period

In order to prevent the disclosure of information that might influence stock prices during preparation of the financial results announcement, this company maintains an “IR self-restraint period” from the first day of the accounting period (the quarters of the year) until the day of the announcement of the financial results. During this period the company will refrain from answering questions or giving comments about the financial results. However, if during this period the company judges that future forecasts might differ significantly, it will disclose the information in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Regulations.

Investment Decisions

All the information published on the company’s website is meant to cultivate a better understanding of the company, and is not intended for investment purposes. Investors should exercise their own independent judgment when making any investment decision.


This website (Startia, Inc.) provides information about the IR and financial results of the company to its customers. These data should be handled with the following conditions in mind.

  1. 1. Our customers can only use, duplicate or download these data for non-profit, personal use.
  2. 2. When customers duplicate or download these data, they are required to attach a Copyright Declaration and a Conditions of Service form.
  3. 3. Our customers cannot alter, distribute or transmit these data.

Startia, Inc. will not license copyrights, patent rights, trademarks or any other intellectual property rights for these data to the customers. The company will not give any kind of guarantee concerning the content of these data. Also, if stipulated differently in these data, it will be necessary to comply to the appropriate copyright declaration and conditions of service form.